“I’ve worked with Shelly for three years in various public relations and journalism roles in the Valley. She is a professional who has mastered the human connection to bring out the best in any story. As a passionate mentor, Shelly has provided me and many others with the connections to build thriving careers in the communications industry. Working with her is like working alongside a good friend. She brings only the best to the table.”

Jenna-Lee Neff, freelance journalist, digital audience analyst, and nonprofit public relations pro

"I’ve had the joy of working for Shelly as an editorial intern. As a recent college graduate, Shelly gave me the opportunity to work on her editorial team at Eculeus Group Publishing and helped advocate for me to become a full-time employee. Shelly is a great mentor who is always willing to teach and provide me with new opportunities. She is positive, intelligent and thoughtful. Shelly helps me grow both as a professional and as an individual. It is an absolute privilege to learn from her."

Emma Wolff, marketing coordinator at Eculeus Group Publishing

"Working with Michelle is simply wonderful. She has a cheery, go get 'em attitude and always does a thorough, quality job. Whether it is an article, blog post or press release, I know she can find the meat of the story and convey it in a manner that is easy to understand and with impact. Michelle balances a variety of tasks and always makes deadlines. I always enjoy working with her. "

Charlotte Shaff, Owner - The Media Push

"Talent. Empathy. Insight. Creativity. Follow through. Professionalism.

In my role as director of a public relations agency, our team has been lucky enough to work with Michelle "Shelly" Everson for several years. Her writing goes beyond simply covering a topic. Shelly takes the time to get to know the subjects involved in the story and even the team working to help make the story a success, all with a smile, even through a computer screen. She also always has the reader and their wants and needs in mind. Beyond a joy to work with, we've been thrilled again and again with the connection she makes to the reader through her writing. On the other side of the coin, I also work as a freelance writer, so I've had the pleasure of partnering with her as an editor, where she has a steady hand and great eye for ideas, flow and enhancements to both fun and lighthearted angles as well as more breaking news and emotionally charged stories. When working with Shelly, you are always in good hands."

Alison Bailin Batz, Director of Client Service at HMA Public Relations; Writer at ABSeesItAll

"Michelle has been writing feature articles and editing for Arizona Parenting Magazine for over two years. She is wonderfully easy to work with and always professional. I have come to depend on her and know that her articles will always be well done, interesting and on time. I am so happy that Michelle is part of our AZP team!"

Kimberly Fischer, Associate Publisher-Arizona Parenting Magazine

"Shelly is a consummate professional who has helped me gain great coverage for many clients over the past several years. As a magazine editor, she is able to find interesting angles for readers that also maximizes exposure for clients - a real win/win situation for all parties involved. Shelly is creative, responsive and a joy to work with."

Amy Wolff, Public Relations and Marketing Freelancer- Phoenix, AZ

"I have worked with many PR and communications experts. Rarely have I encountered a professional like Michelle who gets the job done well from start to finish. Her writing style is unique in that she tailors her stories/articles to the targeted audience. She's also brilliant at understanding which stories to pitch to whom and then maximizes results by only selling great stories to the right media outlets. The most valuable aspect of Michelle that grabbed my attention quickly is her ability to write with empathy for each story, person or group. She quickly adapts and adjusts to make those she covers feel respected, comfortable and appreciated. She is most definitely one of a kind and I can't say enough good about her. She is a gem in the PR community."

Gordon Sims, Director of Philanthropy at Sojourner Center