About Michelle

I believe that communication is an art where the right messaging can tell vivid stories with great impact on the individuals and communities involved. Using that art, I have built a career as a journalism and public relations professional where I have put the spotlight on causes that need it the most.

Early in my life I knew I wanted to make my passion for storytelling my career. I graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2008, where I obtained bachelor’s degrees in journalism and public relations. An expert on “both sides of the fence” (journalism and public relations), I am passionate about bringing stories to life.

When I cover a story, I do so with journalistic integrity and skill. Some of my proudest stories have shined light on topics such as local nonprofits and community issues. I am especially passionate about niche and underrepresented communities. I have worked with a myriad of public relations clients including nonprofits, schools, small businesses, products, and more to tell their stories on the local and national level. My passion though is in local media relations, specializing in Arizona, particularly the Phoenix metro area.